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Friday, September 16, 2011

Mrs. Meany's Cornfield

When classes come to the library, my teaching partner and I greet them and teach them proper social responses and questions. For example,

"Good morning, Mrs. _____'s class."
"Good morning, Mrs. ______."
"How are you all this morning?"
"We are fine. And how are you?"
"I am doing well. Has anything wonderful happened today?"

Today, one third grader responded to the last question with this:

"Well, I just can't wait to hear the next chapters in The SOS File!"

Her classmates agreed, and we read three chapters, the last of which was "Mrs. Meany". It's about a boy whose goat gets out of the fence and ventures across the road into Mrs. Meany's cornfield. While looking for the goat, the boy mutters something about staying away from the old hag, and suddenly she appears through the corn stalks! There was much laughter then, when the boy fainted, and when he regained consciousness to hear her talking about giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


  1. Because of your recommendation, I just read this book for the first time. What a treasure to share with kids . . . a great writing or storytelling prompt, or just a way to learn that everyone has an SOS moment sooner or later.

  2. So you know, Joyce, that I will be reading a very sad SOS story this week :(