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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Living almost 200 miles from my mom, it is sometimes a challenge to see each other once a month. Today I got a bonus visit. My mom and my aunts volunteered for six hours in the Alphabet Forest (along with my oldest son, the student intern for the project). They took photos, acted as hawkers on the sidewalk, made mini-banners, awarded blue ribbons and words, and drank lots of water on this humid and hot day.

Whether it is here or there, I am always glad for a chance to be together - and to get the latest edition of BookPage. My hometown library provides it for patrons, and my mom and I scramble to read the numerous reviews. Then we compare notes about which we reserved from our respective libraries. I love it when one or the other of us talks about a book we are reading. Inevitably, the phrase "I found it in BookPage" comes into the conversation. Though we can read some of the review at the website (, there is something better about flipping through the pages, marking our choices, and rereading the reviews after we have read the books.


  1. What a great 'bonus visit' - and thanks for the BookPage link.

  2. Your mom is always such an enthusiastic participant!

  3. Your books have been in BookPage, Sharon and Joyce! You're right, Joyce, and you should meet my aunts who are equally enthusiastic!

  4. It was a great treat for me having your mom, aunts, AND son at the Alphabet Forest while I was the author-of-the-day. You come from a pretty wonderful family!