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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Visitor for Bear

One thing I love about my favorite bookshop is meeting authors and illustrators there. This morning my mom and I (and extended family members) listened to Bonny Becker read her latest book, The Sniffles for Bear, and her first bear and mouse book, A Visitor for Bear, to guests at the Red Balloon. I love these books! Two unlikely creatures come together despite their very different personalities and preferences, slowly learning to know each other.

We bought copies for her to sign, of course, and asked questions about her writing and experiences. The books are delightfully illustrated by Kady McDonald Denton, and Bonny's favorite image in the Sniffles book was mine as well: a very sick and tired bear leaning over the banister as the tiny, bright-eyed mouse attempts to pull him up to bed.

We spent the rest of the morning there recommending books to our cousins and left with my alphabet bag heavier than it was last weekend!


  1. may we all have a bright-eyed mouse in our lives to pull us up to bed when we are too weary to get there on our own.