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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Waking Up is Hard to Do

On a foggy morning (like today), it is hard to be enthusiastic about waking up to go running, especially since it is also quite dark at 5:30! Neil Sedaka echoes that sentiment in his picture book Waking Up is Hard to Do. My memories of his smooth voice go back to my childhood. My mom had his album, and I had all the songs memorized! I can still sing every word of "Laughter in the Rain" without a memory lapse.

Though the book struck a personal chord with me and my past (despite the switch from breaking up to waking up), it will be loved by teachers and readers for its cheery illustrations (with an alligator attempting to get going in the morning) and the amusing text. Tomorrow morning at Books & Blondies, my teaching partner and I will sing it first thing to our colleagues before introducing other new books. The tune will be in their minds all day!


  1. and today it will be in mine. wish i could hear this performance. also wish i could hear you sing 'laughter in the rain' all the way through.

  2. I thought of singing it on your answering machine, Brattcat, but my family was hanging around me!