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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Clever Rhyme Needed

I have been trying all day to compose a clever rhyme that goes along with the rhythm and rhyme scheme in Tom Slaughter's new book Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow? Each double-page spread involves a question, half of which can be answered with a YES and half of which would definitely be answered with a NO.

Here is the first one:
"If a duckling grows and becomes a duck, can a car grow and become...a truck"
The car half page ingeniously opens into a full page, and the cutout of the car wheel is also the back wheel of an apple truck.

Readers will love predicting how each phrase ends and thinking of things they can use in a similar pattern of words.

So, I wanted to use this close-up of an alpaca that was patiently allowing so many State Fair visitors to pet it, but I can find nothing to end my rhyme. The rhyming dictionary only has words that end in the -ack sound, not the -acka or -aca sound! I did learn the term for a baby alpaca though.

If a cria grows and becomes an alpaca, can a _____ grow and become...a ___________.


  1. Maybe your alpaca could magically become a llama, a word which has many rhymes!

  2. If a cria grows and becomes an alpaca, can a hamburger grow and become a Big Mac-a?

  3. if a cria grows and becomes an alpaca, can an antler grow and become a rack-a?
    Well the answer is yes to both, so I guess this wouldn't work.

  4. I love the attempts and laughed at them as well. I was trying to avoid made-up words at the end of my rhyme or I would have entertained you with the corny ones I created, none of which are fit to publish.