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Friday, April 15, 2011

Spine Label Poetry

Ponder the book titles on your favorite shelf. Select carefully. Arrange to form a found poem. Since my teaching partner mentioned this idea yesterday, I have been playing with titles. Some sites show multiple titles in the pile, but I have been limiting mine to three.

I almost had a baking theme going with A Birthday Cake is No Ordinary Cake but then got stuck. An art poem seemed likely with Lots of Spots (Lois Ehlert), Masterpiece (Elise Broach), and The Art Lesson (Tomie de Paola). They did not fit together. The book theme seemed most obvious (though definitely not creative). I also attempted titles by the same author, titles published in the same year, spines with similar colors, and haiku form/syllables. They are works in progress.


  1. I just tried this, too - a delightful diversion! My library is much smaller than yours, but I enjoyed hunting for connections among completely unconnected titles.

    My first spine label poem is on my seldom-updated blog:

  2. This sounds like a great theme for a contest, or at least a puzzle, so it naturally got my interest. Using the titles on books currently perched on my headboard, I came up with:

    Thirteen Reasons Why Grumpy Bird Eats Shoots, and Leaves All the World Three Cups of Tea

  3. I'm anxious to read yours, Joyce.

  4. What fun David's poem turned out to be.