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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Have You Read? #13

Yesterday I began reading a book I have avoided for months. Recommended by one friend as something I should read but probably would not like but that would make me feel smarter but would also challenge me (her extended list of qualifiers continued), it was an easy one to keep beside the sofa. Surprisingly, I actually like it (though I am only 52 pages into the 666-page novel). Sena Jeter Naslund's Ahab's Wife or, The Star-Gazer is filled with descriptions I love. For example, about the Giant, the lighthouse on the Island where Una Spenser lives with her aunt, uncle, and cousin, she says, "He had his sunny side. It was recalcitrant during the morning hours, retaining its night coolness, but by afternoon, if you spread your hand on the stone, it gave back warmth greater than your own, and so, noticeable." (p. 43). Having never finished Moby Dick, I am so far pleased with this glimpse into one person's view of Captain Ahab's wife.

Yesterday also I mentioned Farley Mowat's Owls in the Family to the staff. Some were familiar with it and remarked on how they should read it aloud again. I suggested they invite our lead custodian to start the story; it is one of his favorite books. We added another copy to the collection because of his love for the humorous, memoir-like account of Mowat's experience with bringing owls into the household. I am now reading it aloud to my boys! The opening scene with Farley's friend Bruce slipping on his way down a tree with crow eggs in his mouth grabbed their attention.


  1. I liked Ahab's Wife, too. Just finished her Adam and Eve which I did not like as much.

  2. What a great idea, and what a great role model, to have your head custodian read to the students. I hope some teachers try your suggestion.