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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Have You Read? #12

Not often does it work out that four friends find a mutual time to be together, yet this afternoon Lauren, Debra, Kim, and I celebrated two birthdays with laughter, flowers, candles, and cake at one of our favorite cafes. We talked about books, ideas to spread literacy opportunities, and ways we can work together to help teachers. Asking the non-English speaking gentleman at the next table to take our photograph was quite an experience!

After lunch, Lauren and I stopped at the Red Balloon Bookshop. We read Perfect Square, Michael Hall's new picture book, and were fascinated by his artwork and idea to transform uniquely painted squares into flowers, a river, a mountain, a fountain, a bridge, and more. I imagine sitting with these same talented friends and creating things from squares we design and separate. I envision doing the same with children.

I am near the end of Lisa Genova's incredible novel Left Neglected, and for the past two days, I have contemplated life without my brain's acknowledgement of my left side.


  1. When I read Michael Hall's PERFECT SQUARE, my mind too raced with the fun art projects you could do with kids based on this delightful book.

    And what a great photo of four amazing women who all do wonderful things to get books into children's hands!

  2. I'm glad you saw the book already. Are you going to see him on Saturday?

  3. Happy wishes to the birthday girls. How unusual that you weren't the baker of the day.

  4. The Best Birthday Bash, tulips, friends, cake, books!

  5. Welcome, Birthday Girl! It did feel strange not to bake cake for their birthdays, Brattcat. I do get to bake for Kim's monarch egg hunting party in June.