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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In the Fridge

This chocolate bunny cupcake (and dozens of others) were in the refrigerated case of a lovely cafe called Cupcake. With names like Carol Brady, Claire Huxtable, Mad Cow, Toad Stool, and Monster Bite, I imagine all sorts of conversations going on in there.

The same is true in Fran Manushkin's 2006 book The Shivers in the Fridge, illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky. The five members of the Shivers family appear to reside in a usually dark and scary place where earthquakes occur frequently and a monster (a human hand) invades to remove objects like Cheesy Square, Jelly, and Mt. Ketchup.

The book is perfect for illustrating point-of-view, and the primary students were enthralled with it today. They loved how Papa and Buttery Cliff disappeared when the monster invaded, how Mama gets stuck in Emerald Lake (Jell-O) and then removed with Jolly Whip, and how Sonny Shivers climbs the Purple Boulders (grapes) and eventually ends up looking at the smiling face of the monster. Eventually, all the Shivers end up on the fridge where magnets belong.

Though many students clambered to check out the book after storytime, we have nothing quite like it in the library. Several were content with Pam Conrad's The Tub People, and one like Not in the House, Newton by Judith Heide Gilliland.


  1. What a coincidence! At the school I was visiting on Monday the media specialist pointed out THE SHIVERS as one of her favorite books (I had never seen it before).

    And on Easter, my sister had a selection of cupcakes from CUPCAKE (spurred by your recommendation) and the cupcake I chose to bring home with me was the chocolate bunny as pictured in the photo.

    We are definitely on the same wavelength this week!

  2. Aren't we usually on the same wavelength?

    How cool that Debbie got CUPCAKE cupcakes for Easter! How was the chocolate bunny? I had a Mad Cow last time.

  3. The chocolate bunny was good, but I think I will try a Mad Cow when I get a chance to visit the bakery/cafe myself.

    And yes, we usually ARE on the same wavelength!

  4. The idea of creatures living in my fridge gives me The Shivers.