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Friday, April 8, 2011

Books and Blondies Revisited

This morning's Books and Blondies session found us enthusiastically reading aloud, sharing artwork, and chatting back and forth about a bunch of new books for our library while our colleagues nibbled and took notes.

Popular teacher picks were Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku by Lee Wardlaw (what amazing talent to tell the story in form!), Black Radishes by Susan Meyer (a World War II story from a different angle - a Jewish family living in the south of France), Mirror by Jeanne Baker (incredible design and interaction of two boys' parallel stories with fabulous collage artwork), and You Are What You Eat and Other Mealtime Hazards by Serge Bloch (filled with food idioms and phrases). Our time limit was 45 minutes today, but with one minute remaining, a kindergarten colleague pleaded, "Don't stop. Please!"

How fortunate we are to be well-received by our teaching colleagues!


  1. "Don't stop" beautiful as a symphony to a librarian's ears, yes?

  2. How fortunate they are to have you!

  3. I love hearing "Don't stop!" when reading aloud to students as well, Brattcat!

  4. Thanks for the compliment about Won Ton! If you're interested in a teacher's guide for the book, you will find it at:

    BTW, that dessert looks amazing! :)

    Ms. Lee Wardlaw

  5. I will pass on the link to our staff, Lee. The book is also featured on one of the grade-level summer reading lists for 2011.