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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Opinions

There is not a person in our state who would disagree that it is mighty cold outdoors. The air temperature as I write is only -14 degrees, but shortly after midnight it is supposed to be -28 (with a windchill around -55). The governor's decision to cancel school for the state was a wise one, and I look forward to a day of new books, mugs of tea, and cookies.

In her book Winter is the Warmest Season, Lauren Stringer makes the chilly season seem balmy! Winter is warm with woolly sweaters, boots, hot soups, grilled cheese sandwiches, dragon-like radiators, curled-up cats, and hot baths. Lauren's bright artwork warms the pages with contrasts between summery and wintry scenes and objects. Even the blanket of snow covering the ground warms the creatures in dens and in the subnivean zone. My winter is warm my favorite fleece pants, scarves that keep my neck and head cozy, steeping tea, and snuggling moments with my husband while watching movies. I love winter, despite the desperately cold temperatures like what we have right now. The book is signed to me "who loves winters and knows how warm they can be!" 

My good friend and teaching partner asked for mentor texts that will model opinion writing for third graders. Winter is the Warmest Season came to mind immediately. She will use it on Tuesday when the temperature is supposed to be -19 degrees to start the day.


  1. You've provided a pretty good recipe to get through these cold times.

  2. Soup is the answer to help with the winter chill and Polar Vortex. Hope you had a satisfying day last Monday and Tuesday.