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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Return Visit

David LaRochelle visited half of the third graders at my school today (and the other half tomorrow). He was greets by close to 200 "bad beans" in the hallway. I have loved looking at these personality-filled creatures over the past two days...and listening to children's repeated questions as to whether I saw theirs. The one with the walker. The one reading 1+1=5. The one with the curly mustache. Their joy in welcoming David to our school for the 18th consecutive year was palpable, as was their focused concentration during his presentations. In two weeks he will return to pick up the rough drafts of their stories. Magic emanates from authors and illustrators, encouraging young people to write and draw.


  1. The writer and visual artist visits to schools are SO important for students of all ages!

  2. Hey, those characters look like me. What up with that? hahaha

  3. Sounds great...and he's going to visit the school where I volunteer, sometime in Feb I think. Unfortunately, the principal has decreed "4 visits, K through 3, the whole group of each grade." That means about 75 kids in each session. I don't envy him. Furthermore, principal wouldn't listen to the teacher who actually took the initiative and got a grant for his visit.