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Friday, January 3, 2014

What is Fantasy?

The first graders practically sprang from the chairs to th carpet when I entered with a pile of 30 picture books this morning. We started by listing characteristics they thought comprised a fantasy book. There were some accurate ones: creatures that are not real, super powers. Then I speedily talked about the books in my pile, spending a bit more time on titles unfamiliar to them. I noticed a copy of Gingerbread Baby on the easel and commented that even that was a fantasy book. All the while, their hands were busy making the interlocking symbol with their thumbs and forefingers (meaning = I have a much better than raised hands). They added more characteristics to the list after considering the books and begged me to leave them all for them to read in detail.

One child stopped me on my way out the door to inform me that his gingerbread baby really did run away! Oops.


  1. Absolutely amazing photo, talk about making connections! How wonderful to be surrounded by enthusiasm for this subject that you love so much...and then you deepen it for them...I never heard of the finger thumb symbol...would be curious to know it's better, etc...

  2. The kids would have loved me. Most days that's the world I'm trapped in.

  3. PS Here is an address of a blog you might like: