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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Captain Cat

When I teach students about keeping a Someday List (books they want to read in the future), one of the criteria for adding a book is "favorite author". And so, though do not generally appreciate cat books, I willingly read Inga Moore's new book Captain Cat. Having loved her work on A House in the Woods, I wanted this title to be equally enchanting. It was. 

Captain Cat had "more cats on board his ship, the Carlotta, than there were sailors in his crew." Because he travels only to trading ports, he does not visit all the wonderful places in his maps and charts. The trades he makes are all for cats, making fellow captains wonder how Captain Cat can even make money! In a twist of fate, his sailing brings him to the island of a queen in desperate need of cats! What ensues is the perfect ending. Moore's mixed-media illustrations bring the reflections on the water, the rolling waves, the sea-salt breezes, and the island rats come alive!

Today I let one of the third grade teachers read it to her class. They later reported on how they loved it, noting that it might not appeal to everyone, especially people who do not like cats much. I told them about my cat aversion, and they laughed to know how much I adored Captain Cat.


  1. I love young children's enthusiasm about reading and being read to...wish that would be retained throughout their lives! Your "someday" list is a good idea. I have lots of slips floating around my desk, purse and kitchen and need to attempt some organization in a notebook. Think I'll start that this morning. Hope that you had a lovely holiday. Celebrate these next few warm days!!

  2. Now I will add this to my Someday List...I think one of the challenges of your work must be to read books that appeal to a wide variety of readers, even if they aren't ones you'd be initially attracted to. I've always liked Moore's style of illustration.

  3. Yikes! If I kept a Someday List, I'd be writing forever.

  4. My "someday" list is my request list at the library. I may have to put them on "Suspend" status if I get backed up, but eventually they reach the top of the stack.