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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Quiet

"Christmas is a quiet time," begins Deborah Underwood's The Christmas Quiet Book. Her quiet examples (like those in The Quiet Book) are so creative and so wonderfully illustrated (by Renata Liwska) that I read this sweet book every day! Today was a quiet day, and as I moved through baking bread and cookies, assembling the holiday village, reading, and listening to holiday music, I contemplated the quiet things in her lovely book and the quiet things in our lives.

The author's "mistletoe quiet" reminds me of how I had to explain the significance of mistletoe to my four-year-old friend. Her "breathing clouds quiet" reminds me of the white clouds my walking friend and I made on our morning walk. I have experienced these quiet moments also today:

  • watching birds at the feeder quiet
  • remembering favorite people quiet
  • keeping an eye on the cookies quiet
  • wrapping gifts quiet

What quiet moments have others savored?


  1. Early morning fog quiet. House after Thanksgiving quiet. Walking in socks quiet. Staring contest with a deer quiet.

  2. I love these, Joyce! I experienced the last one the other morning by Snail Lake. They moved first.

  3. Hitting the "send" button on my computer for new manuscript to my editor quiet. It was a very satisfying quiet today!

    Also, I have a few moments to spare before I need to hurry out the door quiet. That doesn't happen very often.