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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tree Chopping

We have enjoyed MR. WILLOWBY'S CHRISTMAS TREE by Robert Barry for many years. I thought about that story today when we brought our freshly cut tree into the house and had to chop off the top. I wonder if any other creatures will use that for their own tree.

A wonderful new story by Birdie Black presents a similar idea. In JUST RIGHT FOR CHRISTMAS, a king purchases "a huge roll of beautiful bright-red cloth" to make a cloak for his daughter. When the sewing maids inquire about what should happen to the scraps, he tells them to place the bundle on the back steps. The kitchen maid discovers them and makes a warm jacket for her mother. The process continues with a badger who makes a hat for her father, a squirrel who makes a pair of gloves for his wife, and a mouse who makes a scarf for her son.

The mixed media illustrations include so many unique papers and textures and even a piece of a pattern. The last two pages show all the characters and all the red clothing articles that are just right and "just how Christmas should feel."


  1. I'm going to have to record the titles of all the books you have reviewed so beautifully and then check them out at the Red Balloon. Love the smell of newly cut Christmas trees.

  2. You would love to share both of these books, Kate!

  3. I love Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree & will look for Just Right for Christmas because it sounds very heartwarming. Do you know Do you know The Lighthouse Christmas by Toni Buzzeo? It is a good Maine story and is based on a bit of Maine history.

  4. I can almost smell that evergreen! And thanks for introducing me last year to MR. WILLOBY'S CHRISTMAS TREE, which I hadn't read before.