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Sunday, December 9, 2012

More and More Snow

Weather forecasters predicted snow for the area last night and into the morning, so I was not surprised to see a few inches blanketing the ground and trees. The cardinal seemed to have a difficult time locating suitable seed in the feeder, and he did not return once after I took this photograph! But all day I have been thinking of Katy of Katy and the Big Snow fame, plowing the streets of the city of Geopolis. I'm wishing for a snow day tomorrow!


  1. I love Katy & the Big Snow & so many other books with the snow theme. I also love the film, The Snowman. I hope you get your snow day. When I was teaching they were such gifts!

  2. A snow day isn't worth ALL this snow. I think Mr Cardinal is looking for a safe and secure haven.