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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

True Colors

I love many things about Natalie Kinsey-Warnock's latest novel - the narrator's voice, the many ways the people of her town love her, the descriptions of the things Hannah (the woman who found her and is raising her) bakes. But I especially like the first lines and the last lines.

The Beginning
"On a cold, clear December day in 1941, when I was but two days old, on the very same Sunday the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, I was found stuffed into the copper kettle Hannah Spooner grew her marigolds in. Even though I was wrapped in a tattered quilt, my skin was blue, bluer than a robin's egg, as blue as the tears I imagined in my mother's eyes when she left me there, with not even a note pinned to my diaper to give a clue as to who I was or where I'd come from."

The End
"One thing I've learned this summer is that the smallest words are the most powerful, like home and mama. And love."


  1. The Fiddler of the Northern Lights & The Canada Geese Quilt are 2 favorites of mine. I will look for this latest book, you wrote a lovely description. Charming photo.

  2. I love THE CANADA GEESE QUILT, too. The ornament is made from Mt St. Helen's ash.

  3. that natalie is a writer who understands the beauty of words and the beauty of the heart.