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Friday, November 30, 2012


My talented friend Kim is the most excellent storyteller, a passionate champion of books for children, a tireless foster butterfly for hundreds of monarch caterpillars each year, a fantastic event-planner, and one of the most gifted seamstresses I have ever known. And she is kind, thoughtful, and witty!

As a gift for her friend, the illustrator Elisa Kleven, Kim made the most wonderful doll: a beautiful recreation of Abuela, the grandmother in the book Abuela by Arthur Dorros. Her attention to detail makes it feel like the doll has leaped from the pages of the book (where she flies all over New York City with her granddaughter Rosalba). Every possible bit of her is a replica of what the reader sees in the artwork: her braided white hair, the beads that make her earrings, the hand-painted skirt, her purse. Abuela's hand-painted face looks just like her adventurous character's face in the sweet inter-generational story.

Rosalba was manufactured by MerryMakers several years ago.


  1. She looks like she's prime for an adventure or two.

  2. I MUST get this book. You friend could patent and sell this doll in the Southwest!

  3. You would love this book, Kate! I told her the same thing.

    If you haven't seen the book, Birdman, you should witness their adventures together over NYC.

  4. Simply gorgeous...which is exactly what I would expect from Kim. And I agree, she looks like she has just stepped out from the pages of this beautiful book.