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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Too Tall Houses

We are fortunate to have neighbors who are also our friends. We take care of each other's homes and needs. We enjoy dining together. We share treats and stories. Not all are so lucky.

Take Rabbit and Owl in Gianna Marino's book TOO TALL HOUSES. Their houses on top of a hill allow Owl a view of the forest and Rabbit sunshine for his vegetable garden. Until the garden blocks the forest view. Rabbit makes his house taller and plants vegetables on top. The higher building goes back and forth until a fierce wind blows away both homes, leaving the two a mess - but just the right things to make a house for them to share.

It is a wonderfully told story with warm gouache illustrations. Reading it aloud to children will certainly bring laughter and gasps...and ideas for the perfect homes.

By the way, my neighbor shared her hosta varieties several years ago, and now they flourish in my yard, too.


  1. I wished I had close neighbors... some days.

  2. And some days, it is nice to be alone. I agree with both sides.