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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Three Copies Needed

A fourth grader brought me crossword and word find puzzles she had created. She watched, along with three of her classmates, as I completed them successfully. They offered hints about word locations and practically joined me in the rocking chair! Then one asked, "Will you help us find a book to read that has at least three copies?" They wanted to have another mini book club.

We walked along the shelves, stopping at every book with multiple copies. First they wanted something funny. Then they wanted a story with letters. Next they asked for something scary. "No mysteries though," I was told. I offered THREE GOOD DEEDS by Vivian Vande Velde, LOVE, RUBY LAVENDER by Deborah Wiles, EMMY AND THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING RAT by Lynne Jonnell...and many others. Then I left them to decide. They clustered together, telling me, "We need to discuss this." Later, I caught a glimpse of them in the alcove, each engrossed in one of my favorites: PICTURES OF HOLLIS WOODS by Patricia Reilly Giff. Good choice.


  1. I am so touched to hear how you are helping these young book lovers to blossom!!
    PS That is a gorgeous photo...
    PS I have passed on your blog to my favorite children's librarians at local public libraries...

  2. I love that these three girls want to read the same book together!

  3. The photo of the pencils is from my friend Cyndy's studio in Vermont. She keeps all colors in separate jars/crocks!

  4. Choices are sometimes very difficult to make!