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Friday, November 2, 2012

2nd Grade Connection

In second grade, I had the coolest magenta-colored pants with a bright mushroom patch on the knee that covered a hole. I contracted chicken pox that year. I remember a working in a math book with a ferris wheel on the cover. And I had a cool teacher whose hair and clothes I admired.

Two weeks ago at my art class, my second grade teacher sat on the other side of the table from me, and it was the my favorite thing about the class! We chatted about the other teachers I was privileged to have at Lincoln School, the various positions she had in the district before retiring a few years ago, and of course, books we loved. She shared that her favorite picture book to use in the classroom was The Snow Party by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers, first published in 1959.

Though it is out of print, I was able to get a used copy (with the 1989 illustrations by Bernice Myers) and can imagine how much the second graders at my school will love it. It is the story of a man and woman living "way out in Dakota" who talk one day about the woman's wish: to have a party attended by many folks. Her husband asks if she is daft! But when a blizzard brings unexpected visitors to their house, her wish miraculously becomes reality. Kids will certainly love the unlikely events and will laugh at all the hilarious folks who visit. I will love telling the story of how I found the book and having them make snow removal machines for a mural, just as my teacher used to do.


  1. Now I want to find this book! How wonderful to see your second grade teacher...both of you must have enjoyed it, as the photo clearly shows.

    My husband and four men (all retired) regularly take their second grade teacher out for lunch (she was 18 years old when she taught them!). I had the privilege of meeting her for the first time last Sunday and then had a tour of her wonderful apt at Carondelet Village on St. Kate's campus. She, too, is still active and enlisted us for some of her volunteer activities.

    What wonderful lives these two women have led...nothing more satisfying than teaching children and looking forward to each day in class.

  2. When we next meet, I will bring the book (unless you locate it before then). I love the story of your husband's devotion to his second grade teacher and am glad you finally got to meet her.