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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Unlikely Reading

Murder mysteries have never been on my list of favorite genres, yet after two people I trust recommended Donna Leon's series set in Venice, I decided to spend some time with Detective Guido Brunetti. And quite unexpectedly, I am enjoying these books. Having visited Venice for a day, I can track some of his routes through the city, know where I am when he gets to the Rialto Bridge, and can easily imagine the places he eats. Most amazing for me is the lack of urge to check the ending. Instead, I savor the clues Brunetti uncovers and attempt to figure out the murder mystery for myself. In Death at La Fenice, I came pretty close to solving it before he submitted his report to his pesky superior. Now halfway through Death in a Strange Country, I am determining motives in the murder of a young American found floating in the canal. Buona Notte!


  1. Oh, I recall those first mysteries! As you read more of her books you will get more invested in the family and watching the interplay among the members. I feel as though I know them personally! I have a few of her books here that I haven't passed on, and will save them for you, if you wish. Check this out for your viewing pleasure:

  2. I can feel that connection already, Kate. I really detest Patta, as I'm sure every reader does. I want to fire him! I would love to have a few of her books! And I wish I had known about Donna Leon back in April of 2011 when she visited!