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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Remembering a Special Man

A friend's father died in mid-July at the age of 85, and I have spent the day rereading A Hiking Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park, his tribute to the place he loved so well. Philip Gillett climbed Longs Peak 37 times! The book features 109 hiking suggestions to places that would make lovely lunch spots, is peppered with photographs of the family on some of the many hikes taken in the park, and is occasionally interrupted with relevant discussions between Auctor and Lector. Our family used this book extensively when we visited for a week in 2006 and loved the suggested routes and the tidbits and hints that made each of us laugh.

  • "Harden your candy bar in the cold water, submerge your beverage, and settle down for lunch." - about Dream Lake
  • "Don't allow the marmots to steal your food." - about Chasm Lake
Tucked in the pages of my book was a letter he sent me after that 2006 visit. "It's good to hear from folks who are doing what I used to do."


  1. A bittersweet note! Aren't you happy that you kept it, tucked into a book that gave you pleasure from a man who knew what was important!

  2. The photo and your description of his hiking book make me want to get outside and go for a walk in the woods somewhere.

  3. How wonderful that he recorded his hikes and passed along his knowledge for future hikers.