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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Real Pirates

On this day I did not get to read much from the numerous books in progress (Girl Reading by Katie Ward, The Time in Between by Maria Duenas, and Every Day, Every Hour by Natasa Dragnic). Instead, I read a lot about pirates at the Science Museum of Minnesota. These pirates sailed on the Whydah in the early 1700s, and many of them went down with the ship and drowned in a storm in Cape Cod. From their weapons to their boarding customs to their shared profits to their everyday lives, all I read and saw was fascinating. Some of the place settings survived, and I found it interesting that each man's items were engraved. Arrrgh! Reading about pirates and seeing the artifacts from the Whydah made for an intense visual experience!


  1. There are so any legends about piracy, I think I should go to the museum to learn some facts about their history, which is long and rich.

  2. i wonder what your dreams were like after such a day.