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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Since returning from a visit with my dear friend Karen (and her wonderfully dear husband), I have worn this necklace almost every day. It was a gift from her. One afternoon, she selected the beads carefully (3 Dogons and 2 Venetian eye and trail beads) from the locked antique bead cabinet at the shop and watched as I strung them. Now, when I finger them, she feels somehow closer than across the country. It seems strange even to me, but it is like she is nearby. Keeping me safe and connected to her. Happy Birthday to Karen today! 


  1. It's wonderful to have something so close that symbolizes a friend. Helps keep them alive in one's imagination.

  2. Such a great gift. And amazing how five beads can be so beautiful, and hold such meaning.

    I know what you mean about having a piece of jewelry or an article of clothing bring you closer to someone who is far away...or not even alive. I have both of my parents' wedding rings, both just simple silver bands, strung on a necklace. At very, very important occasions in my life (such as the launch party for a brand new book), I wear that necklace with their rings next to my skin. In a way, they are there sharing the event with me. It sounds like Karen's necklace does that for you.