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Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Writer Reads Aloud

Like my sons and the children I see on school days, I love having someone read to me. I can't think of anything better than when that someone is Katherine Paterson and she is reading chapters from her own books. Her vocal expressions, intonation, and gestures filled up the space in the Roseville Library this afternoon, and all eyes and ears in the room were attentive to her magical voice. She told the story of the idea for Preacher's Boy and reminded me of what a great story it is...perhaps it is the perfect read-aloud selection for fourth graders in September. All of us were giggling! "People think I only write sad stories!" she laughed. She told about reading aloud to a book club in the Vermont prison system who had read The Great Gilly Hopkins and how one of those book club members (an inmate) got her on track with The Same Stuff as Stars. After answering many questions and telling the audience, "Librarians get a good reputation in my books," she read aloud from the final pages of Bridge to Terabithia, leaving me with tears streaming down my cheeks. What a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon!


  1. i, too, could listen to katherine paterson all day and never weary of her voice, her stories, her humor, her wisdom, her understanding, and her compassion.