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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who Are You?

For the upcoming high school all-night party, parents were asked to make a body of their child. Though I balked at all the work involved, it has caused me to ponder who this young man is. He is a collection of the experiences and encounters that shaped his decisions and his dreams, many of those shaped by books. We read about Richard Scarry's Busytown firefighters (hence the firefighter costume), Misty and the Godolphin Arabian made famous by Marguerite Henry, birthday stories, castle stories, Make Way for Ducklings (and visited the Public Garden), and of Enos Mills when we went to Rocky Mountain National Park. We read everywhere...driving through South Dakota and Wyoming, in the quietude of Zion Canyon, in the clinic waiting room, and in the treehouse. He goes to the next chapter of his story with excellent role models and visions of possibility.


  1. Very clever mother and VERY handsome young man. It is wonderful that you provided him with all those reading experiences. How impoverished children are who do not have those experiences! This young man is rich because of them.

  2. Hard to believe he's graduating already! You and your hubby have given him some amazing experiences . . . including, of course, all those wonderful books.