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Friday, May 18, 2012

Alien Code

lel'w peek ruo eyes npeo
dna esu ruo tiws.
uoy leiv eht phis.
l'li teg ruo giws.

In Marilyn Singer's new book entitled The Boy Who Cried Alien, two tentacled, googly-eyed aliens named Carlig and Dreab contemplate what to do when their rocket lands on Earth at Malarkey Lake and needs gas. A less-than-honest boy (named Larry the Liar) witnesses their descent and emergence from the rocket ship. But his parents will hear none of his story. The aliens head to town in disguises to search for fuel, and the populace is half-scared/half-oblivious. Not Larry. He approaches them, and, unable to understand their alien language, does not balk when they place the Rranslatot on his head. Just like that, everything is understandable! While reading, I had no Translator to figure out their words, but I sure enjoyed deciphering their code. 

If your Rranslatot is not helping you understand their code yet, try switching the first and last letters of each alien word. The same applies to their names. 

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