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Friday, May 11, 2012


The name of the cookbook captured my curiosity...One Girl Cookies. Written by Dawn Casale and David Crofton (whose romance is explained in the introduction), it is more than a book of cookie recipes. I tried to get it via interlibrary loan, but it must have been in high demand at the other libraries. Impatient, I bought it instead. Reading cookbooks everyday keeps me imagining the end products and making mental notes about what I need to buy. With this one, I keep thinking of people I love. Many of the recipes bear the name of someone the authors/bakers love(d). I tried Janes first, in honor of a beloved friend. "Jane it is, plain it's not." A Jane is really a cream cheese shortbread with walnuts. Chocolate Chip Cookies are named Mary. Lemon Shortbread with Rosemary is named Lena (after Dawn's mom). I still want to meet Lucia (Espresso Caramel Squares), Lana (Bittersweet Chocolate Sandwiches), and Mariella (Double Chocolate & Pistachio Biscotti) before I try some of the cake recipes.


  1. I hopped right over to the St. Paul library system and one is on its way to me; how did I get so lucky. I'll try cookies with this cookbook since I'm usually a dismal failure at baking, but I can really cook!! I adore cookbooks with a story...try reading and using Pat Conroy's cookbook.

  2. No Julie, Brattcat. I will look up Pat Conroy's book, Kate. I can imagine one named Ciao Bella, Sharon.