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Monday, December 26, 2011

Reading Day

Though I had many things to do today, reading seemed the best option. I've been savoring Kevin Kling's autobiographical pieces in The Dog Says How and alternately laugh and cry as I ponder his insights into humanity. I have loved best two things:
* From "Perception" - Perception, deception, refraction, distraction. We see it when we believe it. We are all so worried about being deceived. Take a day off. Stand in front of a mirror and have your loved one tell you how great you look. Believe me, you look hot.
* From "Racing Toward Solace" - I believe each of us is drawn to a geography whether it's mountains, the desert, or an ocean. There lives in a particular nature that which provides us solace but also awakens our muse.
What brings you solace? For me, it is home or the mountains.


  1. Walking in the woods brings me solace - any time of the year. Trees are beautiful.

  2. Breathing in the hushed silence at night after a new snowfall brings me deep peace and solace. This season I found solace at night on the Mendocino coast, where the stars swooped all the way down to meet the ocean on the horizon. I don't think I ever saw that before.

  3. your home (and its human and non-human denizens) brings me solace.

  4. Your comments all make me want to add to my list. I guess many places bring me solace! Walking in the woods is a favorite thing to do. I love the idea of stars meeting the ocean, Laurie. Being in your home, Brattcat, brings me solace.