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Friday, December 2, 2011

A Christmas Memory

James J. Hill, founder of the Great Northern Railway, lived on Summit Avenue in St. Paul, and the Hill House is now a Minnesota Historical Society site. Our family has enjoyed many Hill House experiences, but tonight might just be my favorite. Two fabulous readers and a musician brought guests back in time to rural Alabama where Sook and Buddy, two friends of like interests, find ways to make money all year (hiding the money in a bead purse under the chamber pot under the floor boards under Sook's bed) in order to make fruitcakes in November.

I love this story. Their interpretation was perfect. Really. Sook's vocal expressions and fitting looks and glances (especially when Mr. Ha Ha Jones comes to the door to sell them whiskey) made me feel like I was standing next to the buggy with her. When she cries after allowing Buddy to drink the remaining whiskey - and getting caught by the adults - I cried, too. My sweet husband found a tissue for me. But when Buddy is taken from her love and friendship and placed in military school, my heart ached for them both. I'm still sniffling.


  1. ah...perhaps a sip of whiskey might have helped, too.

  2. I'm not sure I could stomach the whiskey, Brattcat, but I did try fruitcake for the first time (having avoided it for years based solely on its reputation). I thought it was fabulous. I doubt it was soaked in whiskey like the ones Sook and Buddy made.

  3. Years ago I saw an adaption of the story for television and it still lives in my memory. I don't know if Truman Capote did the actual narration, but I hear his voice when I think of the story. Wish I could have seen this interpretation.