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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Book Connection

Last week's chapter in Little House in the Big Woods was entitled "Christmas". The second graders loved thinking about the molasses candy Laura and Mary got to pour in squiggles in clean pans of snow, the pictures they made falling flat in the snow, and the stories they listened to their parents tell when the children were supposed to be sleeping. This morning one sweet girl brought her personal copy of the picture book entitled Christmas in the Big Woods to show me how many of the things from the chapter were illustrated there! She was so proud of the connection to her personal book collection. I looked at each page and let her point out the similarities. She will be an excellent book club member soon!


  1. Which of the "Little House" books has the Christmas where Mr. Edwards comes to visit through the blizzard, bringing gifts from Santa? I vividly remember how delighted Laura and Mary were to receive such simple gifts as a cookie made with white flour and a tin cup for milk. And I remember the last line of the chapter, where the Christmas was special to Laura because "it was the first time Ma acted friendly toward Mr. Edwards."

  2. Mr. Edwards comes to visit in LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. It always seemed uncharacteristic of Ma/Caroline to be unfriendly toward others, so I wondered about her feelings about Mr. Edwards also.

  3. In the book (not the TV show), wasn't Mr. Edwards black? I always thought that was the reason Ma was suspicious of him, and it took this kindness on his part for her to get over her prejudice.