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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chocolate Cake

A confession: I have eaten chocolate cake for breakfast. I always have something more nutritious with it, of course. But after I bake a chocolate cake, something about it calls to me after my morning walk or run.

Betty Bunny, the main character in our read-aloud this week, loves chocolate cake so much she decides to marry it. Her siblings point out the impossibility of this idea, but Betty Bunny's strong feelings for her cake prevail. When her mom tells her at bedtime that she loves her, Betty Bunny responds with, "I love chocolate cake." She goes to great lengths to extend that love throughout the day, even putting a piece in her pocket before going to school. Imagine that mess at dinnertime.

Betty Bunny's perceptions are a bit skewed beyond chocolate cake. Her mom has told her she is a handful. The children have many good definitions for what it means to be a handful: causing trouble for other people, not behaving well. Betty Bunny, however, think it must be very good to be a handful because she knows her parents love her. She tells her mother affectionately one night, "Mommy, you are a handful."

I giggle inside the whole time I read this book. The kids giggle and groan (especially at the end, which is too funny to write here). Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake was written by Michael Kaplan.


  1. I don't know this book, but I am with Betty bunny. There are a lot of foods I would like to marry, and chocolate cake is one of them!

  2. i must read this one, betty and i have a lot in common, i think...and chocolate cake for breakfast...who wouldn't have a piece?

  3. And I had the delight of catching you read the end of this delicious story to a rapt group of students yesterday! I might like to marry chocolate cake as well...or maybe one of your peanut butter cup cookies! By the way, who made that chocolate cake masterpiece in the photo?

  4. Chocolate ANYTHING before lunch is a sinful delight I can't resist, either. Thanks for the tip--I want to read this book!!

  5. Chocolate rules, doesn't it? What other foods would be on your marriage list, dear Lauren? We should have chocolate cake for breakfast next summer, Brattcat. It was Casey's 12th birthday cake, David (a treasure chest). I hope you giggle as much as I did, Joyce, when reading this one :)