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Monday, June 20, 2011

P is for Planning

My nieces and nephews love getting books for their birthdays and other occasions, but their favorite gift from me is the annual Alphabet Book all about them. When all their other gifts have been opened, this is the one they open again and share with others. "Look at me doing..." or "Remember when I did..." repeatedly come from their lips. I love watching their joy in seeing themselves over the past year of life and recalling what they did.

On my kitchen floor this afternoon are photos of one niece with Post-it notes to remind me which ones go with which letter. A is for Artwork (a snowman picture she made in kindergarten). B is for Buddy (their new puppy) and Birds (at the zoo). C is for Cut-out Cookies (made with Grandma and her little sister) and Christmas. As I take stock, I struggle with J, N, U, and X (which usually ends up be eXcellent ______ or eXtraordinary). But Y is easy. This book is all about her, so it will be You in many different photographs.

Will she love these ABC books as much when she is 18? I hope so. For now, I must keep Searching for More Photos and Matching Words and Phrases with her Past Year.


  1. How lucky your nieces and nephews are to have such an aunt.

  2. These have got to be just about the most thoughtful gifts I've ever seen. You bet she will appreciate these books when she's 18...and when she's 40...and when she's a great grandmother showing them to her six-year-old great granddaughter. Brattcat is right; your nephews and nieces are very lucky!

  3. I love the idea of showing them to her great granddaughter! I can hardly picture her that age though...and I will not be here to see it anyway.

  4. Ah, but you will be there in spirit! "This is the book that my very favorite aunt Julie gave to me when I was just your age..."