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Thursday, June 23, 2011

How Clean is Your House?

At lunch today, a friend asked what she deemed a personal question: How do you deal with house cleaning? My family lives in what appears to be a clean house, but upon closer inspection, one would notice accumulated dust (my least-favorite chore), a few cobwebs by the fireplace bricks, and some fuzz in the corners of the library. Another friend mentioned Lucy Cousins's book Maisy Cleans Up in which Maisy's friend Charley helps with her house cleaning. His original intention, of course, was not to clean. He smelled something wonderful coming from her kitchen, but because her floor was not yet dry, he had to wait to enjoy the treat. In the meantime, he helps wash windows and pick up toys. What a wonderful invite friends over to clean and enjoy treats! Some of mine just might agree to that arrangement!


  1. For one of your peanut butter cup brownies, a chocolate chip cookie, or a slice of condo cake, I'd gladly vacuum, dust, or scrub the bathtub!

    In ALL-OF-A-KIND FAMILY, I remember how much the girls hated dusting, so one day the mother hid five pennies throughout the house in places that needed to be dusted. The chore became a game, and from then on dusting was something desirable to do. I've remembered that scene vividly for forty years!

  2. You're a dear, David. I love the idea of children motivated to dust in hopes of finding a penny! We might have to hide larger denominations to get my boys motivated to help.