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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Delight in Books

Our young friend turned two yesterday, and my husband and I delivered his birthday gifts on this sunny morning. His mom told me she reads Monkey With a Tool Belt every day to him. When the wrapping freed one of his gifts, he said, "Chico Bon Bon" and immediately opened the book (Monkey With a Tool Belt and the Noisy Problem). We read together on the steps, him pointing to the tools Chico Bon Bon used to fix various things and laughing at what Chico found in the laundry chute (an elephant!). He then opened his other book (Otis by Loren Long) and quietly looked at by himself in a patio chair.

When parents prioritize reading aloud to their children like his do, children benefit in so many ways. Their vocabularies soar. Their comprehension grows quickly. Their display excellent verbal skills. Their attention spans lengthen. Most of all - and most importantly - they take visible delight in books!


  1. that picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

  2. I think that picture defines "screaming with delight"!

  3. That photo makes ME want to laugh along!

  4. I had to laugh along with him! I was amazed, too, at his articulation at only two years old.