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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Love to Read Chico Bon Bon

Last night I visited friends whose 18-month-old son charms me with his grin. I built block towers, and he knocked them over. I welcomed his dog onto my lap, and he backed up and sat on my lap also. When his dad asked if he wanted me to read him a book, my young reader friend twisted around and looked expectantly at me. "What would you like to read?" I asked. His dad told him to go get his favorite Chico Bon Bon book, and he toddled down the hall to his room. Returning with Chris Monroe's entertaining Monkey With a Tool Belt (which he'd received two weeks ago from our family), he again backed onto my lap, this time helping to open the book. We pointed to and named Chico Bon Bon's many tools. When the evil organ grinder's trap box was dropping on poor Chico Bon Bon, he said, "Uh-oh" and then pointed to Chico Bon Bon's one eye looking out the box hole each time. After "I wonder what he'll build tomorrow?" was read, he toddled down the hall for The Very Hungry Caterpillar and stuck his pinkie finger through the food holes just as I remember my sons doing. Thank you, friends, for raising a reader.


  1. How very heartening to hear that the love of books is already growing in your young friend! Hooray for his parents, and for you.
    My niece and nephew are also doing a great job of raising readers, with daughters of a similar age to your friend. I was pleased to hear that one of their favorite books is one that I had given them: Phyllis Root's RATTLETRAP CAR. Even though I haven't had the opportunity to read it to my grandnieces yet, I had a ball reading the book out loud to myself many times before I mailed it to them in Hawaii.

  2. Lucky, lucky little boy with such parents and such friends.

  3. Isn't RATTLETRAP CAR a fun book to read aloud? All those sounds bring smiles.

  4. Hope Chris Monroe is reading this.