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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can I Have That Book?

During library time this week, the children and I have been talking about the ALA awards and what each medal/honor represents. Many are well-versed in knowing the Newbery Medal is awarded to more than chapter books! I tell them a bit about Margi Preus's book Heart of a Samurai and how the numerous illustrations in the book are reproductions of those drawn by Manjiro himself. We also discuss nocturnal creatures before I read aloud from Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night. They love the facts about the orb spider and its spinnerets. They smile like me when we chorally recite "I Am a Baby Porcupette." When I finish reading and it is time for them to browse for books, someone always asks, "Can I have that book?"

What a great question to hear! Engaging conversations about books generate interest in those books. Librarians are trusted resources when it comes to advising readers and promoting books. "Can I have that book?" translates to trust in my recommendations.


  1. You inspire that trust and prove it is well placed with your every action.

  2. I happened to be in a third grade classroom at your school today where the teacher had been reading POPPY by Avi. Students were excited to make the connection between the poems about an owl, mouse, and porcupine you read to them from DARK EMPEROR, and the animal characters in POPPY that the teacher was reading to them. What a great way to reinforce each of the books.

  3. So wonderful to hear these stories, Julie and David! Thanks so much for sharing DE with kids!

  4. What a great connection with POPPY, David! I'm glad the readers shared that with you :O)