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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fabulous Fair Goes Around the World

This afternoon my husband and I brought a Turkish friend to Debra Frasier's studio, making the world a little smaller once again and transporting a book around that world. As we talked about the history of state fairs in the United States, the attendance numbers at our own state fair, and the incredible literacy connections made by thousands of fairgoers with Debra's book, A Fabulous Fair Alphabet, our friend was amazed. Later we drove to the State Fair and showed her some of the places we had discussed. When she returns next week to Istanbul, she will bring bits of history and culture to share with her own family: game cards for her sons to search for English words for each letter of the alphabet (and blue ribbons for their success), necklaces with their names (made from State Fair letters), and of course, the book itself. What wonders we exchange as we share our lives in literature!


  1. I am so glad to hear that the Alphabet Forest will return to the State Fair this upcoming year. So many people (including me) enjoyed the range of literacy activities this special corner of the fair provided. If folks haven't seen it yet, they should check out Debra's latest video at YouTube; just search for "Welcome to the Alphabet Forest."

  2. Thanks, David. We were so grateful for your help in the Alphabet Forest! The link to the video is