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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Looking at Oneself

Bob Raczka has created several unique books about art and artists that I love to use with children. At the Louvre, I was reminded of one of my favorites: Here's Looking at Me: How Artists See Themselves.  I like the stories Bob uses to accompany each portrait, providing glimpses into the personal and creative lives of each of the artists. For Henri Rousseau's self-portrait from 1890, the author writes about the names that can be read upside down on the Rousseau's palette. For Norman Rockwell's self-portrait of 1960, he encourages the reader to look at the variety of faces the artist included of himself. For the self-portrait of Albrecht Duerer from 1484 (the first known self-portrait in art history), he shares the artist's signature and note about the portrait. 

Though the self-portrait of Albrecht Duerer displayed in the Louvre was painted in 1493, my astonishment at seeing it in the museum is still great. I look forward to sharing this and the book with third graders in the fall.


  1. I think that I'd like to order this for my granddaughter and myself. Thanks for the tip! Hope you had a grand summer, esp now that it's winding down toward the school year. Each year I start itching to get back into academia, but as a student this time. Thank goodness for both St. Thomas and the U of MN's extension service for interesting short term classes in a variety of interesting topics. Will eliminate the saddle shoes and plaid skirts, tho!

  2. I know you would both enjoy this book, Kate. What are you taking this fall for courses?