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Friday, August 30, 2013

Alphabet Forest - Year Four

Amidst the crowds and noise of the Minnesota State Fair, the Alphabet Forest remains a haven of quietude and rest. Working there this afternoon, I talked with teachers and school support staff, encouraged word-gathering by those with vocabulary game cards, sold books by Minnesota authors and illustrators, stirred up words in the word kitchen, helped a few visitors make a cow clothespin with Phyllis Alsdurf (author of the day and writer of It's Milking Time), and took photographs of readers. I especially enjoyed watching the blue-ribbon winners (who had completed their game cards) carry them to show a family member. Mostly, I savored the feeling of community and purpose in this place dedicated to promoting family literacy.

Thanks to my mom and my aunt for letting me join their shift this year! Thanks to Debra Frasier for her continued dedication to this tremendous project!


  1. Sounds like a family affair as well as a community project. I went to the fair yesterday during the sweltering heat and humidity, but didn't get to this exhibit. So sorry; after 4 hours, I quit and went home. . .probably should have my head examined!

  2. Gorgeous!!!!! A happy & artistic way to celebrate words, letters, books, language, stories!!!!!

  3. So fun to finally be part of it this year!

  4. Every year I'm amazed at Debra's vision, and how wonderfully it has been realized. The Alphabet Forest is truly a magical place. I, too, love the photo!