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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Arlo's Artrageous Adventure Party

With a large crowd in attendance at the Red Balloon Bookshop, David LaRochelle celebrated the release of the first book he both wrote and illustrated. Arlo's Artrageous Adventure was a huge hit with the adults and children who listened as David described how much he enjoyed looking at artwork at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, how much joy he experienced in creating the flaps and artwork for the book, and how much frustration he experienced measuring the pages and flaps to make everything fit. Everyone really loved his animated slide show that showed how art affects each person differently, all observed through an open-minded boy named Arlo. The book is ingenious!

Guests could also have their photos taken with famous works of art, enjoy fruit from a still life created by David, and create their own lift-the-flap artwork. My favorite photo of the day was this one of my friend Mona Lucy and David.


  1. I would have gone, had I known. How do I find out about these wonderful presentations?

  2. PS. I just got The Orchardist from the library.

  3. What a great photo! David is so full of ingenious ideas. I am really sorry I had to miss this gathering.

  4. Did you create a lift the flap book? (I'd love to see it) The event sounds like so much fun. Always great to hear book artists describe their process.

    At our local history museum they have some questions and then you can lift flaps below for answers. Love that.

  5. A thousand thank yous to you, Julie, for helping me create my animated slide show. It would have never happened without you. Thank you also for being supportive of this book through its long creation phase. Events like this book launch make the challenges of creating a book worth it. It was so much fun to see Lucy again!