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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mother Goose - The Musical


The Loki Puppet Players presented an incredible version of Mother Goose to an audience of over 200 this morning at the St. Paul Central Library (, and I had an SRO view of the show. It began with an introduction from Mother Goose herself, with help from Bo Beep's sheep, Bob (or Baaaaaaahhhb), Belinda, and Bono. The sheep wanted to plan a birthday celebration as a surprise to Bo Beep and needed help finding a cake, candles, a game, a present, a dish, and a spoon. Though Bo Beep returned often in search of the sheep, the sheep interacted with the Bakers (who performed a dancing version of "Pat-a-Cake"), Jack Be Nimble, the piñata seller, Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, and the cat, dish, and spoon (of "Hey, Diddle Diddle" fame).  Puppeteer, librarian and master storyteller Kimberly Faurot (also my good friend) was literally behind the whole show. I laughed. I clapped. I sang the songs. I watched the children. And after the show, I witnessed the looks of wonder on the children's faces as they came to shake Bo Beep's hand.

p.s. The ingredients' mouths opened and closed! The moon's eyes blinked!


  1. Ah, I shudda been there! Loki is an interesting name for the group. We named our Norweigan Elkhound (years ago_) after the Norweigan God of Mischief, Loki.

  2. It sounds so very magical!! Your friend spreads great joy! (I wonder if she would want to come to Maine.... :o) Best, ~R PS Do check your mailbox this week...

  3. There was a traveling puppet show that I truly looked forward to making an appearance as a kid. But to be honest I always wondered about the 'hand up the butt'. hahahaha

  4. Kim is a marvelous wonder for so many different reasons. I wish dearly I would have been there to have watched this latest product of her creativity and imagination.