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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Dangerous Book (for me)

A strange thing happens at the public library this year. I reserved KNITTER'S STASH by Barbara Albright and waited a considerably long time for its availability. Finally, I checked the status, noted that six other patrons were also waiting for it, and discovered it had been marked LOST. I soon found a used copy and am now the owner of a potentially dangerous least for a knitter who has just finished a cardigan and who pages through the WEBS ( sale flyer each day!

I love this book! It is a just what the author intended it to be: "a book that would be like comfort food for a knitter's soul." Filled with patterns, tips, gorgeous images of finished projects and people who have created them, and stories about yarn and knitting, the book focuses on yarn shops around the country. The knitters who run them contributed their favorite patterns. Along with each pattern, readers learn a bit about the yarn shop from which the pattern came. One of the best things about this book is the warmth I feel, imagining the author as she gathered stories and patterns. Her cookbooks have long been favorites in my kitchen.

And here is what I might have to make first...


  1. Hahahahahaaha!
    I've never waited for a book at any Library. Plenty of others I haven't read.

  2. oh, i think i'd love this book!