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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A House in the Woods

Two pigs, a moose, and a bear find themselves "in a pickle" in Inga Moore's picture book A HOUSE IN THE WOODS. Though all are friendly and considerate creatures, their homes have inadvertently been destroyed, leaving them no option but to call the Beaver Builders for help in constructing a new one. Those crafty beavers request to be paid in peanut butter sandwiches, and the whole crew gets to work. The home they build is lovely, and the beavers return to their lodge on the lake (which is really two lodges on the lake - a traditional beaver lodge underneath a resort-like lodge). Back at home, the inhabitants of the new house fall asleep to quiet night-time sounds.

The children in the primary grades loved this book and its premise so much that they wanted other books about building houses (Jonathan Bean's BUILDING OUR HOUSE is the perfect answer) and structures.

I retrieved a perfect little bird nest from the street last week and positioned it in a maple tree, hoping it will entice a bird family to inhabit it. Still no residents.


  1. creatures can be quite particular about their homes, can't they?

  2. Two pigs, a moose and a bear walk into a bar...

    I think I've heard this one before. hahahahaha

  3. I hope that some sweet birds find the home in the maple tree that you lovingly placed there...I must look for this book (as usual). I have Moore's version of Wind in the Willows, as well as Shepard's...2 of those bookshelf books I can't live without. Speaking of beavers, do you know Little Beaver & the Echo by Amy MacDonald? It's one of my bookshelf books too & is great for reader's theater & puppet plays!