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Monday, April 22, 2013

Bad Beans

I love listening to authors and illustrators talk about their books. Rarely do I get the opportunity to hear both the author and illustrator of a picture book speak in the same place! Sunday afternoon's large crowd at the Red Balloon was thrilled to hear from David LaRochelle and Mark Fearing (who had just met each other in person) about their collaboration on How Martha Saved Her Parents From Green Beans. Guests were encouraged to wear mustaches (like the bad beans in the story), guess the number of green beans in the bad bean jar, add the name of their least favorite foods to a poster, and eat green jelly beans. David read the entire book aloud, and Mark drew bad green beans at the easel as he talked about how he loved creating the artwork.

Note: My friend Lucy and I eventually had to discard our mustaches...too fuzzy, too hard to talk correctly. We both love our personalized copies, complete with a bad bean drawn on the end pages by Mark.


  1. you look rather dashing in your mustache.

  2. How wonderful to have you and Lucy in the audience for this event! And I agree with brattcat, you DO look dashing in your mustache!

    As you said, this was the first time I had met Mark, and he turned out to be such a genuinely good guy. I appreciated how he took so much care with each book he signed. It was a pleasure to spend the day with him, and to learn even more about his creative process.

  3. Great to be there! I enjoyed every minute of the visit, even the snowstorm!

    -Mark Fearing

  4. Sounds great! So that is you? It is the way I pictured you (except without the moustache...!)