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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reading in Order

My inclination to read the end of the story first waned the past few days as Sharon Creech's soon-to-be released book The Great Unexpected held my curiosity. Narrated by Naomi, a wise young orphan girl living in Blackbird Tree, the story weaves so many people's lives together. I felt like I was walking along the crooked bridge described by the young Finn Boy who falls from a tree in the beginning of the book. With each chapter, I had more questions and a wee bit more insight until, just like for Naomi and her friend Lizzie Scatterding, all was woven together and revealed in such an amazing way. As she has done so well in past books, Sharon created characters that intrigued me (Mrs. Kavanagh who wants a murder and revenge, Pilpenny, the unfortunate souls, Mr. Dingle, and that Finn boy), adding Irish legend into the plot as well.

Near the end, Naomi captured some of what I wondered (and still ponder):
"I wondered if the things that might seem frightening could lose their hold over you. I wondered if we find the people we need when we need them. I wondered if we attract our future by some sort of invisible force, or if we are drawn to it by a similar force."


  1. Wonderment is part of the mysteries of life.

  2. Great questions from what sounds like another great book by Sharon Creech.

  3. i hope everyone loves this new book by Sharon Creech as much as we did.

  4. I look forward to learning what you think of the book, Kate and Joyce.