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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alphabet and Number Play

Sometimes, I feel so tired of going places that I consider forgoing events that would otherwise make me giddy. But I drive to the spot. I walk in the door. I listen. And I'm usually mesmerized.

So it was this evening. After a busy day, I considered staying away from the Red Balloon, but I'm so glad I drove down, walked there, and listened to Amy Krouse Rosenthal talk about her love of words and how that wordplay translated in her books.

She talked about walking backwards and about all the letters one can find in the alphabet: friendly letters, musical letters, letters that determine our being, and an identical twin letter. Kids and adults were mesmerized by her words and especially by the dummy of Little Pea she created after her daughter's nap one day many years ago.

I'm glad I went.



  1. I think that I should probably access the Red Balloon website to see who will be speaking. Next time you go there, let me know and I'll meet you there if I'm free!

  2. sometimes i think it would be fun to write a story using only the musical letters and then you could play it and read it but it turns out to be a fairly tricky task.

  3. She is such a playful author, and must have been fun to watch and meet.