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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Studio Enlightenment #3

Visiting Cyndy Szekeres in her Vermont home was such a pleasure. The home boasts high ceilings and wonderful woodwork and windows. Her studio is filled with bookshelves, artwork (her own and pieces by her favorite friends), loads of pencils, an amazingly designed drawing table, and so many interesting sculptures and items that I restrained myself from inquiring about everything. Throughout our conversation, I learned layers of information and came to respect this prolific illustrator even more than I had previously. She takes her work seriously, sketching every morning. Years of sketching mice that had lived in a home aquarium or that had been delivered to her slipper by the family cat has made her work anatomically correct and anthropomorphically amusing.

Taped to her desk lamp is a quote from her late and dear husband Jerry:
"He who speaks the truth must have a saddled horse."
She confidently spoke truth and stayed across the table to expand upon her words. I savored every minute.


  1. What a great trip you have had, visiting all these studios! Thanks for taking us along.

  2. what wise counsel. i'm keeping my horse saddled and my gas tank full.

  3. David & brattcat, I agree with both of your sentiments.

  4. It must seem rather tame to be home after all that artistic stimulation.